We decided one day whilst talking about how much we love camping, that we should create a page just about that...

...our love of camping.

So we all wrote down what it is about camping that we love. And here it is...

I Love Camping

I love camping because it makes me watch the sky (how long have I got until that approaching cloud is going to rain on me? which way is the wind blowing?)

Mimo - Real Camping Team

You become more aware of nature when you camp...the sounds, the smells, big creatures and the little ones too.

Pipa - Real Camping Team

Camping is how we started out in this world. Going back to the basics of camping puts us in touch with an instinct we distance ourselves from in our normal lives.

Tim - Real Camping Team

My soul feels happy when I camp.

Zizpy - Real Camping Team

We talk when we go camping, really talk.

Charlie - Real Camping Team

I feel more in tune with my body and the world around me when I go camping. I sleep when the sun goes down and I awake it rises.

J.J - Real Camping Team

We hope you’ll join us in waxing lyrical about camping too....


I love camping because it’s when I get together with my best mates for simple fun times...campfires, talking, games and just hanging out.

Jennie - Brighton, East Sussex, England

Camping brings back happy memories of when I was kid - the car would be packed full of stuff including me, my brothers and the dog and we would drive off into the hinterland of Victoria leaving the city behind. Camping meant adventure, discovery and fun. Now I take my kids.

Paul Thompson - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Camping to us means festivals, sunshine, beer and lying in the grass watching the clouds.

Greg & Tamsin - Reading, Berkshire, England

I Love Camping Too

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