Backpack Camping In Washington State
Olympic National Park
(Ozette Beach)

Backpack Camping in Washington State - Olympic National Park

ADDRESS / TEL / GPS coordinates:

Ozette Beach

Olympic National Park

At the end of Hoko-Ozette Road (off Highway 112)



N48.1662° W124.732418°

N48.152248° W124.66704° (these are the coordinates for Lake Ozette Campground - the nearest parking area)

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Backpack Camping in Washington State - wilderness camping on the beach

If you want to feel really wild and free and don’t mind walking 3 miles or so with your tent and supplies....Cape Alava is just the camping spot for you.

There are several fire pits (made with piles of stones) surrounded by logs (for seating) along the coast, where you can pitch your tent and look out to sea. Listen to the California sealions calling from Ozette Island just a short ways out, watch sea otters lying on their backs eating sea urchins in the waves or just look up at all the birds soaring in the sky.

I felt so alive in this place. Like I was the only person in the world. It's good to feel like that sometimes.

Backpack Camping in Washington State - wilderness camping on the beach

You can also wilderness camp at Sand Point (there are only 2 campsites there and you are not allowed campfires so bring your stove).

If you walk just around the headland to the left of the beach you might just spot a grey whale, stellars sealion (we saw one of these massive creatures dead washed up the beach), columbia black tailed deer, bald eagle or a brown pelican.

These wild beaches are full of seaweed and drift wood (not sunbathing beaches) high tide the sea is right up to the bank where you will be camped, and at low tide it goes 50 to 100 metres out (depending on which beach you are on). Cape Alava is a pebble beach and Sand Point is sand beach.


A permit for wilderness camping costs $5 for a group of up to 12 people plus $2 per person over 16 years of age per night.


4 campsites


All year


You need to get a wilderness camp permit from the Wilderness Information Centre (WIC) or the Hoh Rainforest Centre for wilderness camping and will also need a bear proof canister for your food and toiletries. It is more likely to be racoons that you are keeping out here though. You can get the canisters at WIC too. WIC can be found at...

3002 Mount Angeles Road

Port Angeles

WA 98362

Tel: 360-565-3100


14 nights

Backcountry Camping Washington State - wilderness camping on the beach


  • no facilities (just some stone fire pits and some logs and rocks for benches)




No road - just hiking track through woods


No road - just grass


  • Hiking
  • Beach
  • Fishing (restrictions apply)

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