Camp Kitchen Checklist

Use A Camp Kitchen Checklist So You Don't Forget Anything!

Depending on how often you go camping, it is a really good idea to get yourself a separate set of kitchen equipment that you solely use for camping. That way you can keep it permanently in the storage box (in the garage) - saves time in packing for a camping trip and you are less likely to forget anything.

Below is our camping check list for the kitchen. We try to keep it to a minimal as we hate lugging around excess stuff, but you might want to chuck in an extra saucepan.

The Camp Kitchen

Storage box/chuck box/patrol box (to keep your camp kitchen in. Also doubles up as an extra table for food preparation)

Cool box/Esky/Chilly bin or a 3 way fridge (if you are camping for an extended time a camping fridge is really worth the money - you can power the fridge in your car as you drive, via battery or gas or by pluging in to the mains at a campground. No more buying ice or dealing with soggy food. No more finding a freezer to re-freeze your freezer block)

Freezer blocks or ice

Camping stove

Camping gas bottle - check it has gas in it

Dutch oven (it so easy to cook a great meal on a campfire with a dutch oven)

Firewood (nothing beats a campfire)

BBQ and fuel (please read our BBQ Warning page)


Matches (waterproof is possible)


Carving knife

Cutlery (knifes, forks, spoons, teaspoons)

Wooden spoon

Spatula/turner/fish slice


Chopping board

Cheese grater

Frying pan

Saucepan + lid






Plastic wine glasses

Water bottles/canisters

Flask (make a coffee for later in the day when you make your morning brew. Or some soup to keep you warm during your trek)

Bottle opener/corkscrew

Can opener

Vegetable peeler

Tupperware boxes

Washing-up liquid

Washing-up sponge

Washing-up bowl

Multi-surface cleaner

Rubber gloves

Laundry detergent

Tea towels

Aluminium/tin foil

Plastic food wrap/cling film

Paper towels/kitchen roll

Trash/rubbish bags

Plastic food bags/zipper bags

Click here for a printable version of our lovely checklist

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