Camping Check List

We could all do with a camping check list!

How many times have you got to a campground ready to start your camping holiday, only to find you have forgotten a really important part of your camping gear?

“Agggghhhhh! Why didn’t I use a camping check list?” This inevitably happens in the middle of nowhere or on a Sunday when the shops are shut.

Just the other day a couple of the Real Camping Team (not naming names...but they know who they are) went off camping. We all do this very regularly (2 of us even do it permanently), so you’d think by now, what with also having made a camping check list, that such school boy errors were behind us. WRONG!

They arrived at a lovely remote campground, set up their tent, cooked a lovely dinner, enjoyed a beer...and then decided to wash up. Oh dear! Hadn’t packed the washing-up liquid or the washing-up sponge. What did they do?..

  • leave the stuff out and hope it would rain (they weren’t in bear country by the way),
  • hang on till the next day in the hope they may find a store open (on a Sunday).

No. They decided to sacrifice a sock and use some shower gel to wash up a pan full of bacon fat. The shower gel was some exotic girly stuff with light reflecting glitter in it (is that really necessary in shower gel...surely you wash the glitter off don’t you?).

The owner of the campground came over to say hi and laughed at the ‘camping newbies’, as he referred to them. They decided to let him believe it was their first time.

Anyway, that is not going to happen to you. Nor are you going to forget anything else even more the tent.

So, here are our camping lists. Print them out and keep them with your camping we should have done ;o)

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Tent Camping Trip Checklist

Camp Kitchen Checklist

Camping Food List

RV Camping Checklist

Backpacking Camping Checklist

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