The Simple Life

Here at Real-Camping we’re good friends. Really good friends. That were brought together by camping, and we really do love it.

But what keeps us together is more than that...

Its our love of the simple life. To feel the grass under our bare feet, the sand between our toes and the sea on our bodies. To turn our faces to the sun as it rises over the horizon or sinks back down again. To reconnect with mother earth. To de-clutter our lives. To give ourselves more time...time to just be.

Its our desire to be free. To live each day as we choose. To have no ties forcing us to do one thing or another. To live where we want. To be who we want. To do what inspires us.

Its our need to be happy. To have that buzz you get in your heart that makes you smile for no particular reason. To belly-laugh often. To be content with who we are and where we are going.

There is more than one way to live life...and we plan to live it our way.

But sometimes these thoughts and beliefs we hold so strongly get clouded and drowned out by the white noise, the voices of the negative "what if" people.

The team at Real-Camping is each other’s support group. Reminding each other that this negativity is being laid on us through other people's fears. They aren't our fears. We know that what we are looking for will reveal itself if we keep looking for it and believing in it.

So we send each other motivation when we find it. We thought perhaps you might like to share in this little piece of love too, in this little corner of our blog.

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To catch up on the Simple are the backdated editions of the blog:

Who Says Marilyn Monroe Was A Dumb Blonde?

She was pretty insightful if you ask me.

I came across this Marilyn Monroe quote the other day and I just loved it. It made me feel inspired and so I shared it with the gang and now I'm sharing it with you (our lovely blog followers)...

marilyn monroe

“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's...

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Do you know a beautiful person? Chances are you do. Well, beautiful people do not just happen...

John by his own admission was emotionally neglected growing up, and as an adult never allowed himself to get attached to anything or anyone. Meeting Patsy when he was in his forties changed his life...he learnt to trust and he learnt to love...

Permalink - click for full blog post "Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen"

Believe in the power of nature. Sometimes us humans think we are the most important beings on the planet. Well, nature has other ideas.

whale diver

On December 15 2005 the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle told of this beautiful humbling story of a female humpback whale...

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Could you ever believe that a world leader could follow the mantra that the simple life is best?

Meet Joes Mujica - the world’s poorest president.

Uruguay President

"I'm called 'the poorest president', but I don't feel poor. Poor people are those who only work to try to keep an expensive lifestyle, and always want..."

Permalink - click for full blog post "World’s Poorest President Believes The Simple Life Is Best"

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