TV SERIES - Paranormal Camping Experiences

by Donna
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Hello to all our real-camping readers.

We've had the below request from a TV researcher for a new and exciting TV series on the paranormal.

If you have any paranormal stories from your hiking or camping trips, please share them in the comments below and we will forward them on to the TV show. You may get lucky and get chosen to star in the show.

All the best,
The Real-Camping Team


I’m a Canada-based researcher with a new UK television series. The concept that North America's unpopulated wilderness is home to spirits, monsters, and mysterious creatures is part of our collective folk lore. The series asks if any of these many stories could be real.

The producers are looking for paranormal experiences from the wild side, so strange encounters with the truly unexplained from the forests and woods of eastern Canada and the United States. Specifically, they seek first-hand accounts from hunters, campers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts etc, where the participants are credible, and open to sharing their experience on camera.

I realize this is a very strange request, but just thought I'd connect to see whether you know of anyone through the camping world who might have an interesting encounter to share?

I look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks,

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